Armarkat Sage Green Cat Bed

Have you ever seen a bed that looks so comfortable you just want to curl up in it yourself? That’s how I feel about the Armarkat Sleeve Bed! Not only does it look cozy and inviting, but it’s also made of machine-washable faux suede and fur, with extra-thick 100% poly fill for maximum comfort. Plus, it comes in two great colors (sage green and beige) and ships in certified frustration-free packaging from AeroMark. What’s not to love?

As someone who has both a cat and a small dog, I can tell you from experience that finding a bed that they both like can be a real challenge. My cat prefers to sleep on something soft and cushy, while my dog likes to have a bit more support. That’s why I was so excited to find the Armarkat Sleeve Bed! It has all of the features that both my cat and dog need to be comfortable.

The first thing I noticed when I removed the bed from the box was how soft and plush it was. My cat immediately climbed into it and started purring away. And my dog, after sniffing around it for a minute or two, finally laid down and went to sleep. Success!

I also appreciate how easy it is to keep clean. The faux suede and fur are machine washable, which means I don’t have to worry about hair or dirt getting embedded in the fabric. And because it’s made with extra-thick polyfill, it always looks fluffy and inviting – even after multiple washes.

If you’re looking for a bed that your cat or small dog will love, I highly recommend the Armarkat Sleeve Bed! It’s soft, cushy, and easy to keep clean – plus, it comes in two great colors. Trust me, your pet will thank you for choosing this bed!

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