Bag O’Beach Bones Playset

Do you want your kids to learn about anatomy while having fun at the beach or in the snow? The Bag O Bones beach skeleton is a great educational tool for kids of all ages to learn and understand about the human anatomy. This set of 14 life-sized bone molds lets kids create a human skeleton in the sand or snow.

Each set includes pieces for each leg and arm, hip piece, vertebrae, chest piece, and skull mold. The molds are life-sized and made for children so they can create a skeleton that is as tall as they are. In addition, each hand and foot bone are connected in one mold, so fingers and toes will always come out intact.

This toy encourages creative play in the outdoors while helping children understand parts of the human anatomy. With this toy, children can learn about the different parts of the skeleton and how they work together. In addition, they can understand the importance of bones in our body and how they help us stand, walk, and move.

The Bag O Bones is perfect for a day at the beach or a snowy outing. Children can easily use the molds with sand or snow to create their own human skeleton. The molds are easy to use, and children can create a skeleton in minutes. The skeleton can then be decorated with shells, stones, or pine cones to add a special touch.

The Bag O Bones also works as a regular beach bucket for sand castles. After playing with the skeleton, children can use it to build sandcastles and other sand creations. The molds are made of high-quality plastic and are easy to clean, making it a great toy that can be used over and over.

In conclusion, the Bag O Bones is a great educational toy that encourages creative play and learning. Children can learn about the human anatomy while having fun at the beach or in the snow. This toy helps children understand the importance of bones in the body and how they work together. With the Bag O Bones, children can enjoy hours of fun and learning. It’s an excellent investment and provides endless learning and play opportunities. So next time you head out for an adventure in the sun or snow, be sure to bring along this innovative and fun toy.