Cheeseburger Telephone

Have you ever seen the movie, Juno? Then you know about the iconic cheeseburger phone. As seen in the film, the burger phone has a variety of functions, including redialing a call, switching between tone and pulse, an LED indicator when in use, and more! It’s made of molded plastic that looks just like a bun, cheese, and ground chuck patty. But is it actually an actual phone? Let’s dive into all things cheeseburger phone.

Is it a real phone? It’s certainly not a real cheeseburger—but it is an actual landline phone! It works regardless of electricity, so you can enjoy your retro-style conversations no matter what. Plus, there are no caller ID features to worry about either. It’s old school done right! One unique feature is its high pitch bell tone; talk about old-school cool. You won’t find this type of sound with modern phones today.

If you’re looking for something to give as a novelty gift or just to spruce up your home office with some fun flair, then this burger phone is perfect for you! Its unique design and classic style make it easy to stand out from the crowd while still fitting in perfectly with any decor. So whether you’re purchasing one for yourself or giving it as a gift to someone special, you’ll be sure to get plenty of smiles with this one-of-a-kind conversation piece.

There’s no doubt that the cheeseburger phone will bring some old-school cool back into your life (or someone else’s). With its unique design, classic style, and variety of features, such as redialing calls and switching between tones/pulses, there’s no better way to add some fun flair to any home office or living space. So why wait? Get on this iconic burger phone today and start dialing up those conversations!

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