Elephant Sitter Hand-Painted Figurines

I always seek something unique and special to add to my home decor. So when I stumbled across the Elephant With Hanging Baby Elephants Bookend Statue, I knew it had to be mine! This adorable statue is handmade from resin and looks incredibly detailed. It’s a great way to keep some books standing upright while also making a statement in your home. Plus, the elephant symbolizes strength and protection of the family in some cultures – which may bring good luck!

The Elephant With Hanging Baby Elephants Bookend Statue comes with three separate pieces that need to be assembled, so you’ll have a little fun putting it together. When it’s all set up, this bookend measures 8.75 inches wide by 11.75 inches tall (mother + two babies) and weighs 1.75 lbs. It can be placed over the edge of your bookshelf or mantle for an eye-catching effect, or you can even display it on its own as an accent piece in any room of your house!

Speaking of housewarming gifts – this would make an incredible present for any mom with two children! Not only will they appreciate the thoughtfulness behind such a unique gift, but they’ll love having a reminder of their kids every time they look at it. Plus, you won’t break the bank buying one either – you can find them for around $38!

Suppose you want something extra special to add to your home decor collection. In that case, I highly recommend checking out the Elephant With Hanging Baby Elephants Bookend Statue. Not only will this cute little statue look lovely on display in any room of your house, but it’s also a meaningful gift idea for any mother with two children. Best part? You won’t have to spend an arm and a leg buying one – just head over and pick one up for around $38! Trust me, this is one purchase you won’t regret making!

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