Forged Sword Key Shape

Ever feel like you need a heroic way to unlock your door? Well, look no further than the Sword Key! This unique and creative key looks like something out of an Arthurian legend, is made from sturdy metals, and can be quickly attached to your key ring.

The Sword Key is just what it sounds like. The sword-shaped key resembles King Arthur’s Excalibur from the stone. Depending on the deadbolt lock brand, it comes in either Schlage or Kwikset sizes. The handle has a loop at the top, which can easily attach to your existing keys or even your key chain. The best part? It only costs around 7 dollars!

The Sword Key is as easy to use as any regular house key. Just insert it into your deadbolt lock, twist it, and voilà—your door will open. It works with both left and right-handed locks too! Plus, since it looks so cool and unique, you won’t have to worry about anyone accidentally taking it by mistake.

Aside from its obvious aesthetic appeal, there are many practical benefits of having a sword-shaped key. For one thing, it takes up less space than regular keys because of its long shape. This means you don’t have to carry bulky metal keys tangled in your pocket or purse. And if you ever lose track of where you put it down last (it happens!), you’ll be able to spot it quickly due to its distinct shape — ensuring you always have access when needed!

If you’re looking for an interesting way to open your home’s doors each day, consider getting yourself the Sword Key. This creative solution looks out of Arthurian legend but functions like any other house key. So not only does this metal marvel make unlocking easier and more fun, but it also gives you some added peace of mind knowing that no one else has the same kind of key as you do! Plus, with its affordable price tag of $7 dollars –what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Sword Key today and start unlocking in style!

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