Giant Inflatable Easel

Are your kids spending too much time in front of screens? Do you want to engage them in more imaginative play? If so, let me introduce you to the award-winning Giant Inflatable Easel.

This versatile toy is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, made of heavy-duty vinyl that can withstand rough play. It even comes with four paints, four shaped sponges, and a paintbrush. You can quickly inflate and deflate it, and it can be cleaned quickly with just a hose.

Let’s look at the benefits of this inflatable easel that will encourage your children’s creativity and get them away from screens.

Outdoor Fun
When it’s a beautiful day outside, the last thing your kids want is to be cooped up indoors. The Giant Inflatable Easel is perfect for outdoor play. Set it up in your backyard and let your kids’ imaginations run wild. They can spend hours exploring their creative side, and you can enjoy the fresh air.

Indoor Entertainment
On those rainy days, when it’s not possible to go outside, the Giant Inflatable Easel can provide hours of indoor entertainment. Let your kids create their masterpieces, and you can watch them from the comfort of your couch while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Mess-free Painting
One of the best features of the Giant Inflatable Easel is its mess-free painting. Your kids can paint on the easel or the adjacent ground without ruining your floors or carpets. They can use the shaped sponges to create fun shapes or the paintbrush to paint intricate designs. Best of all, when they’re done, you can deflate the easel, and the mess is gone.

Screen-free Playtime
One of the main benefits of the Giant Inflatable Easel is that it encourages screen-free playtime. With the increasing use of technology, it’s important to make sure that our kids are still engaging in creative activities. In addition, the inflatable easel promotes imaginative play, which is crucial for their mental and emotional development.

Affordable and Easy to Use
Lastly, the Giant Inflatable Easel is affordable and easy to use. You can purchase it for around $50, and it comes with four paints, four shaped sponges, and a paintbrush. The easel can be inflated in minutes and is effortless to clean. Simply spray it off with a hose, and it’s good as new for the next day.

The Giant Inflatable Easel is a perfect example of how we can use innovative toys to promote creativity and imagination in our children. Its benefits are numerous: mess-free painting, affordable, easy to use, and promotes screen-free playtime. Plus, it’s a ton of fun!

Investing in creative playtime will not only help the development of children but also give parents an opportunity to spend quality time with their kids. So, let’s get creative with the award-winning Giant Inflatable Easel!


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