Handmade Simulation Cat Bag

Attention all cat lovers! Are you looking for a way to express your love for cats and make carrying around your stuff more accessible at the same time? Well, then, look no further than Piko’s purrfectly adorable cat backpacks! These realistic-looking cat backpacks have posable arms and legs, allowing them to be strapped to your back or posed in different positions. Plus, they come in different breeds of cats, so you can pick the one that looks just like your favorite feline friend! Keep reading to find out more about these fantastic creations.

These unique cat backpacks are made with high-quality materials and feature three harness loops for attaching detachable backpack straps. The design also includes a large zipper opening along the cat’s back, making it easy to store items inside. And here’s the best part – the cats look incredibly realistic! Each backpack is modeled off of a different cat breed and comes in various colors, so you can pick the one that looks most like your pet.

The artist behind these amazing creations is Piko, who has been creating art since childhood and has been a professional sculptor since 2012. In addition to these incredible cat backpacks, Piko makes other animal-themed sculptures, such as hedgehogs and foxes. So if you’re looking for something unique, check him out on Google – he may have just what you need!

Are you ready to take your love of cats to the next level? Then don’t wait any longer – get yourself one of Piko’s amazingly realistic cat backpacks today! They can be purchased for around $190 and come in various breeds of cats, so there’s sure to be one that looks like your favorite feline friend. Plus, they have posable arms and legs, so you can carry them around on your back or pose them however you, please. So don’t miss out – get yourself an adorable cat backpack today!

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