Laser Bike Lane

Hey, cyclists! Have you ever been on a ride in the dark and felt like cars were not giving you enough room? Or did you just want to look extra cool while zipping through town? Well, I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing – the Laser Bike Lane Light! This device is an attachment for your bicycle that projects two thick red lines and a bicycle icon visible up to 1 mile away. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries, is weather and shockproof, and is visible at night. And if cycling isn’t your jam, no worries! The device can also be used for walking or jogging in the dark for extra visibility. Read on to learn more about this fantastic device.

The Laser Bike Lane Light is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is attach it to your bike frame (it comes with a velcro strap) and switch it on. As soon as you hit that button, two thick red lines will be projected onto the ground behind you, symbolizing a “bike lane” that follows wherever you go. Plus, there’s also a bicycle icon visible up to 1 mile away, adding an extra layer of safety when riding through busy streets or intersections at night. It has an average battery life of 36 hours and comes in three colors: Red, green, and blue, so that everyone can express their individual style while they cruise around town. Best of all – it’s available for around $7!

This device provides extra safety when out riding after dark, and it looks cool too! Imagine driving down the street in broad daylight and seeing those bright red lines trailing behind a cyclist – drivers will know right away who has the right-of-way on the road or sidewalk shared with pedestrians. In addition, with its long-lasting battery life and weatherproof design – you can take this light anywhere without fear of running out of juice or needing to replace it due to rain damage.

So if you want extra visibility when riding after dark or just want to look stylish while zooming around town – check out the Laser Bike Lane Light! It’s affordable, easy to use and install, offers excellent visibility during night rides, and is weatherproof – what more could a cyclist want? Get yours today for less than $10 – happy cruising!


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