Long Pharmacy Receipt Costume for Adults

Hey everyone, have you heard of the latest Halloween craze? It’s called the CVS Receipt costume, and it is taking over the world! This one-size-fits-most costume is made of 100% polyester, making it light and quick-drying. It’s easy to wear and looks just like a long pharmacy receipt! Let me tell you why it’s so great.

When I first saw this costume, I was impressed with how accurate the attention to detail was. From the printed line items with prices to the bold “Thank You For Shopping at CVS Pharmacy” message at the bottom, it looks like an accurate CVS receipt! And did I mention that you can customize your own receipts? You can choose what items are listed on your receipt, including candy bars and cigarettes (which are not sold at CVS). Talk about creativity!

Not only does this costume look great, but it is also easy to wear. The one-size-fits-most measures 117 inches long and comes complete with two straps for easy carrying. It also has a pocket for your phone or wallet, making it even more convenient for trick or treating. Plus, with its light fabric, you won’t get overheated while wearing this costume all night long!

What I love most about this costume is its price point – around $57. For such a unique and detailed costume, that price is unbeatable! Plus, when you compare it to other costumes on the market that are made from cheaper fabrics and lack quality details – this one is definitely worth every penny you spend on it.

So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate Halloween this year, why not go as a CVS receipt? With its attention to detail, ease of wear, light fabric material, and affordability – what’s not to love? Plus, think of all those funny conversations you’ll have when people ask, “What are YOU supposed to be?” So don’t wait any longer – get yours before they all go! Happy Halloween, everyone!


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