Motion Activated Candy Dispenser

We’ve all been there- reaching into a candy bowl to find too many hands have come before ours. Or worse yet, the bowl is empty! The Snackman Motion Activated Candy Dispenser addresses those issues for you. This dispenser provides a touchless way to get your hands on candy and other snacks without risking the spread of germs!

The Snackman Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is perfect for any party or event and will impress your guests. It can hold up to 12.5 cups of candy, jelly beans, peanuts, M&M’s, and more. The best part? There’s no need for coins or a power source! Instead, the dispenser uses motion activation to release your desired portion size with the wave of a hand. It even has 3 pre-set portion sizes: small handful, large handful, and fatso (because who doesn’t want the option for an extra large serving, right?).

This dispenser is made of durable ABS plastic and can be functional and double as a decoration. The ability to fill it with colorful M&M’s or jelly beans makes it a fun addition to any event. Plus, it can make for a unique gift for the candy lover.

The net capacity of the Snackman Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is 34 US fluid ounces, which makes it suitable for just about any small candy, Goldfish crackers, peanuts, and many more snacks. However, it’s important to note that you should use it away from white tables as the light energy transmission may cause the candy to fall out automatically. Nevertheless, it’s a small tradeoff to make for a touchless candy experience!

The Snackman Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is perfect for all ages. It creates a fun and unique experience for children and adults alike. Plus, its sanitary and touchless technology means less germ-spreading. This dispenser can be used anywhere, so the snack options are endless whether you’re hosting a birthday party or having a small gathering with friends!

The Snackman Motion Activated Candy Dispenser is a fun and functional product perfect for any candy lover or event. Its touchless technology and pre-set portion sizes make it a safe and convenient way to dispense your favorite snacks. Whether you’re using it as an office decoration, gifting it to a friend, or simply enjoying it at a party, the Snackman will not disappoint. So wave your hand and get your hands on some candy!


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