Original Spin the Shot Drinking Game

Who doesn’t love the classic game of Spin The Bottle? It’s fun and exciting and always brings a bunch of laughs to any party or gathering. But what if we took it up a notch? Enter Spin The Shot – the new twist on the classic game that doesn’t involve kissing but instead involves shots! That’s right, now you can spin your way to a night full of fun without having to worry about puckering up. So let’s look at how easy it is to play this new party game!

Spin The Shot is simple, just pour yourself a shot and spin the arrow. What happens next is based on the rules you decide. You can make up your own rules or use some of ours, like; whoever spins must drink, the opposite gender spins for each other, or even everyone takes turns spinning for others. No matter what you decide, be sure to have fun and enjoy your night!

Spin The Shot also makes for an excellent white elephant gift. Everyone loves playing games during parties and gatherings, and this is one that never gets old. Plus, it’s small enough to fit into any stocking, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping paper and bows when gifting it.

Spin The Shot is recommended for 2-6 players though we won’t judge if you want to play solo – hey, whatever floats your boat! This party game is perfect for any occasion, including; parties, BBQs, pool parties, and more, so get ready to start spinning and having some serious fun!

So there you have it; if you’re looking for an exciting way to change up your next get-together, then try out Spin The Shot – who knows what kind of crazy night awaits you! This classic game has been taken up notches with shots instead of kisses, so get ready for some serious laughs (and drinks) when playing this excellent party game. Whether solo or with friends, Spin The Shot will ensure you have an unforgettable night. Cheers!