PetPeek Fence Window for Pets

Does your pup get curious when she hears a noise from the other side of the fence? Does she love to watch birds and squirrels scamper around in your yard? If so, then your dog will love the Pet Peek bubble window. This nifty window lets your pup peek at what’s happening on the other side of the fence, giving them an unobstructed view of all the furry critters that pass by. Plus, installation is easy and only takes about 20 minutes – 1 hour depending on skill level. So let’s show our pups some love and learn how to install this must-have accessory!

The Pet Peek bubble window includes all necessary installation materials, including a black ring frame. You can purchase it online for around $28. Then, all you need to provide is a drill, screwdriver, and scissors or knife (for cutting away excess plastic).

Installing these windows is relatively easy, even if you don’t consider yourself particularly handy! Here’s how it works:  Step 1: Measure where to install your pet peek bubble window. Make sure there are no obstacles that could obstruct your pup’s view. Step 2: Drill holes at each corner marked on your fence panel according to the instructions. These small pilot holes will be where you place the anchors for mounting the window frame later. Step 3: Cut any excess plastic surrounding the window using scissors or a box cutter/knife. Step 4: Mount the black ring frame onto your fence using the screws provided in the package, then secure it with anchors drilled into pilot holes from before (step 2). And voila – you have just installed your very own pet peek window! Your pup can now enjoy watching birds and critters as they pass by in the backyard!

Now if you really want to spoil your pup (or kid!), why not take advantage of dual-view? That way, both sides can enjoy their respective views through one pet peek bubble window! All you have to do is repeat steps 1-4 twice – once per each side of the fence – and join them together by connecting two frames with screws provided in the package (no drilling required).

Installing the Pet Peek Bubble Window is an affordable way to give our pets an exciting view while keeping them safe inside their fenced area. It also encourages our pets’ curiosity which helps keep them entertained and stimulated throughout the day. Plus, setting up takes little time or effort, so our pups can start exploring immediately! So why wait? Get installed today and treat yourself and your furry BFF!


View the video below for more info!