Poolmaster Floating Table Tennis Game

Let me guess, you’ve been stuck in the pool for hours and starting to get restless. So you need something new and exciting to keep the summer vibes alive. Well, if you want to turn your pool into a ping-pong paradise, the Poolmaster’s Floating Ping-Pong Table is the perfect solution! This table provides easy assembly for pool and land use, so you can always have a fun game of ping pong no matter where you are.

This floating table includes all of your standard ping-pong equipment. In addition, you get a net, two paddles, and three balls of regulation size. Even better, all of these accessories can be stored on the underside of the table for easy transport. And since it only measures 54″ x 27″, it’s suitable for both teenagers and adults alike!

You won’t break the bank with this floating table; it’s available for about $120. That’s an absolute bargain for an activity providing hours of entertainment throughout the summer months! Plus, even after summer ends, you can still use this floating ping pong table on dry land, so you never miss out on any fun all year.

Aside from providing endless fun for those hot summer days, playing ping pong also has some great health benefits too! It helps improve hand-eye coordination, aerobic fitness, and reflex speed—not to mention its ability to reduce stress levels. So don’t just sit around in the pool; grab one of these tables today and start having fun!

The Poolmaster’s Floating Ping-Pong Tables is a must-have item this summer season! Not only does it provide endless entertainment but also numerous health benefits as well. And with its low-cost price tag and easy assembly process, there is no excuse not to add one of these tables to your pool activities today! So grab yours now while they’re still in stock!


View the video below for more product info!