Stainless Steel Zombie Wine Aerator Pourer

Do you know a wine lover or horror fan who could use the perfect gift? Look no further than the Zombie Head Wine Pourer. This stainless steel sculpture is crafted with incredible detail, resembling a realistic zombie head with gruesome fangs and damage to its skull. Not only does it look awesome, but the Zombie Head Wine Pourer also serves an essential purpose for connoisseurs of wine.

It aerates your wine! The Zombie Head Wine Pourer allows liquid to pour through the zombie’s mouth and out, opening up the wine’s flavor, body, and aroma. It can be used with beverages such as wine, liquor, and olive oil for aeration processes. There is a hole on the back for air flow into the bottle using metal straws and a rubber flange at the bottom to avoid spilling. It measures 2 inches long x 1 inch wide and can be purchased for around $22—an excellent price for such a unique item!

Whether you’re looking for something special or something funny to give as a gift this holiday season, the Zombie Head Wine Pourer is sure to make any recipient smile! This one-of-a-kind piece is sure to become a talking point in any home bar setup or kitchen countertop. It’s also an incredibly versatile tool that can be used with multiple beverages beyond just wine! So if you’re looking for something unique to give your wine enthusiast friend or family member this winter season, consider getting them their own Zombie Head Wine Pourer.

The Zombie Head Wine Pourer is a fantastic gift idea for any wine lover or horror fan this holiday season or any time of year! Not only does it look cool and exciting, but it also serves an essential purpose in improving the taste of your favorite wines by allowing air to flow into your bottles while pouring. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable at around $22! So don’t wait—get your loved one their Zombie Head Wine Pourer today, and they’ll thank you later!

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