Thors Hammer Whiskey and Wine Decanter

Have you ever wanted to take a swig from the mighty Mjolnir? Well, look no further because now you can! The Wine Savant on Amazon has released an epic Thor whiskey decanter that will make you feel like the God of Thunder himself. This glass-blown borosilicate decanter is 17 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It is so awesome it will make even Odin proud.

Let’s chat more about this incredible Thor whiskey decanter. It has an engraved design on the hammer’s head and a stand for storing liquor. So that’s right, whether your poison is wine, whiskey, water, or something else entirely — Mjolnir can handle it all. And speaking of handles, this bad boy’s spout looks like Thor’s hammer’s handle! How cool is that? Plus, many reviewers noted it was larger than expected, making it even better for parties and gatherings in Asgard.

No need to worry about durability either; this decanter is heavy-walled for added strength and stores up to about 123 ounces of liquid. But wait – there’s more! You can show off your love for Marvel and its God of Thunder by purchasing this piece of art from The Wine Savant for around $100 bucks. Keep in mind, though — each time your guests take a sip, they will be reminded of the story of Thor! So if you want to get hammered while honoring the God of Thunder, grab your wallet and head to Amazon pronto! Or else you could risk having Loki steal all the fun away…

Whether you are looking to impress at parties or just want a unique way to store your favorite beverage – this Thor whiskey decanter from The Wine Savant is perfect for any Marvel fan (especially lovers of Thor.) Don’t wait too long, though–this item will only be around for a while! Just remember — with great power comes great responsibility (to drink responsibly). So enjoy responsibly, my fellow Asgardians! Cheers!!!

Watch the video below to see more about it!