TowBoggan 6 Person Towable Watermat

Summer is here, and there is no better way to beat the heat than spending time on the water. Going boating with your friends or family is an excellent way to have some fun, and when you add some towable water toys to the equation, things get even more exciting. One of the most enjoyable water toys to use is the TowBoggan, a 6-person water mat that you can tow behind your boat. Let’s dive into what the TowBoggan is, how it works, and why it is a must-have for your water adventures.

The TowBoggan is a 6-person towable water mat that allows you to enjoy the thrill of being towed on the water. It is incredibly easy to use, and you can hook it up to your boat in just a few minutes. Once connected, the TowBoggan glides across the water, allowing riders to feel the thrill of speed and the refreshing water rushing by.

The TowBoggan isn’t just a toy for your water adventures. You can also use it as a floating water mat when you’re not being towed. It can hold up to 1000 lbs of weight, meaning you and your friends can lounge on it while enjoying the sun and the waves. It’s perfect for lazy days on the water or as a unique addition to your beach day.

The TowBoggan’s design is impressive, not only because of its robust build quality but also because of its portability. It can be rolled up quickly, making it easy to transport to your favorite water location. With the TowBoggan, you can take the excitement of the water with you wherever you go.

When purchasing the TowBoggan, it’s essential to note that while towing, it should not exceed 20 mph with 50-65 feet of rope and a 4000-pound tensile strength-rated tow rope. These safety guidelines are there to ensure that you and your friends stay safe while having fun on the water. The TowBoggan provides a smooth and thrilling experience when you follow these guidelines.

The TowBoggan is an excellent addition to your water toy collection. It offers a thrilling experience when you’re being towed behind your boat and doubles as a relaxing floating water mat when you’re not in tow. In addition, its portability offers you the flexibility to enjoy your favorite water activity at any location. In purchasing the TowBoggan, safety should always be a priority to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience. So get ready to thrash on the water with TowBoggan’s ultimate fun!


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