Window Bird Feeder

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with your feathered friends? Then, it’s time to take your bird-watching experience to the next level! The Window Tray Bird Feeder is a unique bird feeder that allows birds to come up close – within 9 inches of your window – while being protected by a rounded window.

Installation is a breeze! The Window Tray Bird Feeder is easy to install on any standard single or double-hung windows, with an adjustable PVC panel that fits windows from 27-36 inches wide. Plus, the top of the bird feeder also has a door for easy access when refilling birdseed. So, if you’re looking for something functional and easy to use, this is it!

This in-house bird viewer does not have a two-way mirror, which could scare away the birds. Instead, the rounded window view panel provides protection for the birds from seeing reflections of themselves which keeps them safe and comfortable. After all, we want them to stay around for as long as possible so we can enjoy their company!

Are you looking for a unique gift for wildlife lovers? Or do you have little ones who love wild birds but are too young to go outdoors? No problem! The Window Tray Bird Feeder is their perfect gift. They will be able to watch wild birds come into their home without having to leave their bedroom window – what could be better than that?

The Window Tray Bird Feeder is an innovative product designed for safety and convenience. Not only does it allow you to get up close and personal with your feathered friends, but it also protects them against potential predators and other dangers. In addition, installation is a breeze, so anyone can set it up – even if they have no prior experience with bird feeders or wildlife products – making it an ideal gift for children and adults alike. So why not give it a try today? You won’t regret it!

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