Bowing Knight Pen Holder

As someone who spends countless hours at their desk, I understand the importance of having a functional and creative workspace. And let’s face it, having a mundane and plain desk can be uninspiring. That’s why I want to introduce you to the Executive Knight Pen Holder. This unique statue adds character to your desk and holds your writing instrument in style. Let’s look at this pen holder and why it should be a must-have accessory on every desk.

Firstly, let’s discuss the design of the Executive Knight Pen Holder. It’s a beautiful figurine giving the impression of a medieval knight kneeling, ready to serve his king. The knight is made of sturdy resin, which adds a luxe feel to the pen holder while providing durability. The knight’s armor, from his helmet to his breastplate, is meticulously designed, providing a realistic touch. The statue’s size is just right, measuring 4″ x 5.5″ x 5.75″, making it the perfect size to fit on your desk without being too intrusive.

Now that we’ve established the elegance of the Executive Knight Pen Holder, let’s talk about its functionality. The knight is designed to hold your pen, and his pose suggests he is ready to accept your writing instrument; how great is that? In addition, the metal pen with the pen holder has a black ink cartridge, ensuring that you are always prepared to jot down any ideas that come to mind. Also, as it’s attached to the statue, you’ll never have to go on a hunt for your lost pen again.

The Executive Knight Pen Holder is the perfect gift for anyone who loves unique desk accessories. Its intricate yet functional design makes it an excellent office conversation starter. The pen holder is ideal for individuals and makes for a perfect office or workplace gift. It’s also versatile enough to be an excellent addition to a teenager’s college dorm or even someone’s bedside table.

The Executive Knight Pen Holder is a ThinkGeek creation, and as an exclusive product, you’ll not find it anywhere else. How special is that? This pen holder is undoubtedly unique and, just like a knight, will protect your pen from being misplaced or stolen. In addition, it is a functional piece of art that adds personality and character to your workspace. Not to mention a fantastic conversation starter.

In conclusion, the Executive Knight Pen Holder is an excellent addition to any desk. This functional and elegant pen holder readily holds your ink pen, is made using quality materials, is unique, and is a great conversation piece. And as a ThinkGeek product, it’s an exclusive and practical piece of artwork that you’ll love to display. So whether treating yourself or gifting it to a friend, this executive knight pen holder is undoubtedly a must-have desk accessory.


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