Giantex Rolling Cooler With Fold Out Table And Chairs

If you’re tired of dragging chairs, a cooler, and a table separately to your picnic destination, we’ve got a solution for you. The rolling cooler with a fold-out table and chairs is the perfect combo for any outdoor event, whether a beach day, camping trip, or tailgating party. Not only is it practical and convenient, but it also looks great and comes in three different colors.

Let’s start with the cooler itself. This bad boy has a main compartment holding up to 28 cans plus ice. It’s made from a durable resin material that can withstand any bumps and bruises during transportation. In addition, the cooler features a telescoping handle and smooth-rolling wheels to make it easy to pull along the ground. But what sets this cooler apart from others is the fold-out table and attached chairs.

The table and chairs are made from durable plastic and sturdy iron tubing stands. They all fold down neatly for easy transportation and storage. When unfolded, the table measures 41″ x 18″ x 15.5″, providing a generous surface for eating or playing games. The two accompanying chairs are comfortable and sturdy, with dimensions of 9″ x 9.5″ x 10″. The cooler, table, and chairs are all attached together, meaning they can all be moved easily.

This rolling cooler with a fold-out table and chairs are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s perfect for people who love to tailgate, camp, or enjoy a day at the park. It’s also great for families who want to have a picnic together without the hassle of carrying multiple chairs and tables. It’s a great way to bring everything you need in one package.

The cooler also has some unique features you won’t find on many other models. For example, it has four built-in cup holders on the lid, making it easy to keep your beverages close at hand. It also has a detachable side storage compartment perfect for holding utensils, plates, napkins, and other picnic essentials.

The rolling cooler with a fold-out table and chairs is an innovative and practical solution for outdoor enthusiasts. This combo unit allows you to bring everything you need for a great outdoor experience without carrying multiple pieces of furniture. It’s portable and durable, making any picnic or outdoor event more enjoyable. It looks great in three colors and helps make your picnic fun and comfortable. So, when planning your next outdoor activity, remember to bring your rolling cooler along!


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