USB Connected Stress Relief Plush Pillow That Becomes Your Enter/Return Button

Have you ever mindlessly typed away on your keyboard, only to accidentally hit the enter key and frustratingly delete everything you typed? Well, say goodbye to that unnerving feeling because Eisaku Haba has created the Big Enter Key Throw Pillows! These pillows provide a convenient solution to our keyboard woes while doubling as a stress reliever with the added benefit of no damage inflicted upon your computer.

The Big Enter Key Throw Pillows were designed to connect with computers and work on Windows and Mac systems, making them highly compatible with almost every computer used today. In addition to their usability, these pillows have been updated with a more durable and stronger built-in key than previous versions, ensuring they withstand even the most vigorous typing hands.

An added benefit of utilizing these pillows is the stress relief they provide. The soft plush material outside and black sponge inside create a comfortable and satisfying sensation when struck. Hitting it also allows for a cathartic release of any pent-up frustration or anger without the risk of damaging your computer or physically harming yourself.

The construction of the Big Enter Key Throw Pillows is also top-notch. The materials used are of high quality, with the outside made of soft plush and the inside consisting of a black sponge. No odor or discoloration is present, which ensures that the pillows remain clean and fresh for extended periods.

You may be wondering why anyone would need such a large enter key. The concept originated when the inventor, Eisaku Haba, accidentally damaged his keyboard and wanted to create an indestructible enter key 6 times larger than the standard size. Today, these pillows serve as a unique and fun accessory for your home or office, attracting attention and providing utility at the same time.

The Big Enter Key Throw Pillows are a great addition to improve your work and life. They are highly practical and provide stress-relieving and cathartic release, so you can take a moment and redirect your frustration to something harmless. So why not consider getting one for yourself or a friend? You’ll be glad you did!


Watch the video below for more product info!


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